Book Smart Kid Tutoring

Hello, My name is Brenda Hunter and I’m the tutor for Book Smart Kids. I’m an experienced Certified teacher who decided in January of 2016 to work as a private tutor because I have a heart for the struggling student and because I believe that reading is the key to learning in all school subjects.



I graduated from the University of North Texas (1991) with a Bachelor’s of Elementary Education and a minor in Early Childhood and I’m Certified to teach ages 4 through 12.

Personal Stuff and Work:

Announcement: I will be moving this summer to Fort Worth, TX. I was born and raised there. It will be great to be closer to friends and family. I hope to continue my business in the Metroplex. 

I currently live in Seattle, WA in the Greenwood neighborhood and I’m a wife and parent of three grown children. I have work experience as a Kindergarten teacher, an Early Intervention Specialist, and I’ve also worked as an Instructional Assistant in public schools.

I believe that all children can learn. They may learn at a pace different from their peers or in a different style, but they can learn.  After a few informal assessments, games and reading aloud sessions, I customize each tutoring session to match and increase each student’s reading skills.

Other Enjoyments:

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and I also enjoy blogging, writing, photography, drawing and fine arts.