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Think of a time when you knew you had to do something, but were afraid to fail or disappoint. Now, what happens when that something becomes imminent. Does anxiety build? Do you try to delay the inevitable task or even cancel it? Students who struggle with learning to read face a sort of anxiety/stress at school and at […]

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Book Smart Kids

Book Smart Kids is a private reading tutoring business run by a Certified Elementary Teacher in the Seattle area. Brenda has been tutoring pre-school through elementary school students in the comfortable setting of the student’s home or the nearest local library.

Tutoring is not just for older kids and college students anymore. Many pre-school and elementary students can benefit from one-on-one assistance with the skills needed to build confidence in reading. This article can give you an idea of what skills a private tutor can focus on.

Early tutoring can actually prevent future problems. In my experience, the younger the student, the bigger the improvement.

If you want to read more about what Brenda has learned about tutoring young students, you will find it on http//:yourbooksmartkid.wordpress.com

If you have questions or would like to book a free consult, leave a comment or check out Brenda’s contact page.

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